We monitor the trends in the real estate market and draw information about it first-hand – market players, brokers, builders and investors, hourly persons and online reliable sources for real information. On this page we share with you some of the useful resources you can use to learn more about current trends in the property market. Our goal is also to be useful for the long-term financial planning of the people who are on the current platform of the foundation.

Catalogue for New Construction in Sofia

Everywhere in Sofia is currently being built. You can choose the best location for you. You have the opportunity to negotiate a good price and pay in stages, and not at once. You can request changes to the premises and functionality even before they are built. Choice of floor, exhibition and views. The best apartments end first. Expand the catalogue and follow the new housing projects in Sofia HERE.

Delta 3 Property Analytics

How much does My Property cost?

Every average person in their life buys or sells real estate at least once, be it an apartment, levels, garage, shop and more. There are times when you ask: How much is my property worth? What are the most important methods and measures you need to know to get a good deal in a short time and at the bargain price? You can split the three methods of valuation of a property HERE.

How to Buy Property Without Problems

When you decide to buy a property, you will find yourself surrounded by friends, relatives and acquaintances who are competing to give you advice on how you should approach. In most cases, they have one or more real estate transactions in their lives and their advice is sometimes wrong and misleading.The purchase of real estate is a significant and expensive step and should in no case be approached lightly. See more HERE.

Property Analyses and Up-to-Date Information


The Green Deal and The Properties

In an interview with BNR, Deputy Prime Minister Atanas Pekanov said that "Big investors are already interested in whether decarbonization has been made where they will invest."
The Green Deal and The Properties

Internship in sales and marketing

Without circumvents, we can say that commercial professions around the world are the highest paid. In particular, real estate brokers (which we will consider in more detail...