About the Foundation

Delta Analytics Foundation's mission is to provide the public with a platform for sharing timely data, technological advances and industry indicators in the field of real estate. We share with you our knowledge of the market, the players in it and the quality of construction. We provide our experience so that you can make informed decisions and that any real estate activity is a pleasant process, with no risks and losses of your hard-earned money.

The real estate world is increasingly complex and we are here to help people and communities navigate and adapt to incomprehensible processes by offering them to take advantage of our knowledge and experience gained over the years so as to make the process of choosing a home as easy and enjoyable as possible. We help our readers make informed decisions and work effectively with them.

We offer content, tools and community to help people avoid mistakes, learn valuable tips, create useful partnerships, and learn everything around deal-making and funding processes.

We know that visitors who spend time on our site have different financial knowledge, different levels of experience and are probably striving for different results. Nevertheless, our goal is to provide each individual with the necessary resources and support to find their success – whether it is providing passive income or buying a first home.

Buying real estate can be an investment. However, it is often something much more and more significant in a family's life. We are here to assist at this very important time. Our goal is to turn the choice of property into a pleasant and satisfying process.

We believe that this is possible and that we can help make it happen. In the years we spent in the real estate industry, we studied all sides of a real estate transaction, realized the importance of their good knowledge for everyone who is about to get their first property and saw what unnecessary stress can cause poor knowledge of all the details in this process.

We at Delta Analytics Public Benefit Foundation
support the platform delta3analizi.com with the following objectives:

Let us introduce you to the legal framework in Bulgaria, which could be attributed to your case and what rights and obligations you have as buyers and future owners of real estate;

To protect you from the risks you may face, whether they are legal, financial or concerning the condition of the property that is about to become yours;

Let us explain to you all the steps you are about to go through when entering into a real estate transaction;

To guide you on the state of the real estate market with always up-to-date information;

We believe that for someone who is not an expert in our field, it is not necessary to become one and we believe it is our duty to bring back everything we have received over the years by conveying the accumulated knowledge and being as useful as possible to anyone who needs knowledge and advice in the field from a professional with experience.

Welcome to the website of delta analytics foundation with UIC 205817969. The Foundation carries out only non-commercial activities tailored to its mission.

 Information is expensive

  • But we will share it for FREE with you
  • This is information we work for every day
  • We know all the players in the market – brokers, investors and builders, private investors and sellers
  • We hold an average of over 5,700 meetings and viewings in 1 year
  •  We make an average of over 23,000 calls in 1 year

Our activities

The Delta Analytics Foundation team carries out its mission through a variety of activities, including:

Tips that protect you from losses

we share our many years of practical experience and educate citizens about the legal requirements concerning real estate transactions, risks and good practices in the field.

Partnerships that lead to profitable transactions

we strive to ensure transparency in the sector, share true stories and open a dialogue between brokers and people who buy or sell property and need loyal advisers in the process.

Real Analytics for true and accurate solutions

we draw daily from the experience of the professionals in our field and receive daily information about lucrative deals and vicious practices. We sow the most important thing you need to know and share it.

We create for free for you

newsletters, manuals and manuals, all the necessary tools in understandable language for you to make no mistakes, not to lose money, to sleep peacefully and to make lucrative deals.