Internship in sales and marketing

Without circumvents, we can say that commercial professions around the world are the highest paid. In particular, real estate brokers (which we will look at in more detail in this material) in the US and other advanced economies are in the top three highest-paid occupations and one average broker earns a six-figure sum per year.


All top entrepreneurs and CEOs around the world should be able to sell, inspire and communicate effectively.


Like any good thing, sales successes don't come easily and aren't for everyone.


What does the commercial profession give and what does it take?


Before we put on the pink glasses and talk about the goods of the commercial profession, we will begin with the difficulties and trials that are part of it.


  • The rejection - in other words, to say "NO," "I don't care," "How do you allow yourself to call me," "Get out" and many more...


Top traders close about 10% of possible trades. Therefore, if you are a top broker and are trying to make 100 trades, then 90 times you will hear NO in a variety of forms.


In the beginning, it is most difficult because % refusals is even greater and the trader must be emotionally resilient, motivated and much to learn in order to be able to develop a network of contacts.


Advertising and the pressure to sell you something is part of our daily lives and we see it on the streets, in the shops, on the internet, on TV, on the radio, on the phone, in the email, on social media.... Because of this, people develop resistance, defensive reactions, mistrust and reluctance to talk to traders.  People like to buy, but we hate being sold and sold.


Already here, from the very beginning, many people give up the commercial profession because they do not find a way to deal with their emotions, as well as the emotions of the people against them. To a large extent, the reason for this is the lack of a good manager and the lack of good training.


  • Uncertainty (financial and not limited to) - one of my mentors who helped me become a top trader ( Dan Moore, president of Southwestern Advantage) once told me, "If you want to remove the ceiling of your opportunities and achieve your potential, then first you have to remove the floor (the safe salary) and learn to fly...."


The commercial professions that give the best chance of professional development and the greatest opportunities for financial income do not offer a secure salary. Working on a salary means selling your time for a certain number of leva per hour – so you can't become a millionaire, nor can you save enough to invest or start your own business.


The safe (salary) turns out to be the most precarious in times of crisis, for example.


But when you remove the floor to remove the ceiling of your options and start learning to fly, it can be about six months before you start making enough money.

  • Emotional Roller Coaster – Daily failures and rejection combined with financial uncertainty at first lead to great amplitudes in a person's emotional state... From inspiration and motivation on the path to financial freedom, to doubt and uncertainty that it is true or that it is achievable at all. And all in one day, or within an hour.



What does the commercial profession give and why are some of the most successful and wealthy entrepreneurs in the world traders?


We've all heard that problems make a person stronger, that when we're out of our comfort zone, we actually grow .... clichés are true.


  • Rejection gives us the formulaof success , teaches us not to give up (if we do not give up ) and gives us such an important lesson of the Law of Averages, namely: We need a certain number of attempts to succeed and failure is only a temporary phenomenon.

It sounds good in theory, but one can only learn this lesson through practice. If a trader does not give up at the beginning after receiving, for example, 10.20 refusals (temporary failures) and continues to try, then it will eventually reach the cherished YES. The more experienced a trader is, the less NO meeting on the way to YES, that is, the sales cycle becomes shorter.

  • Michael Jordan locked himself in his room and cried all day after he was expelled from the high school basketball team. That doesn't stop him from becoming the greatest basketball player of his time. Quote from Jordan: "I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost 300 games. A lot of times I was trusted with the last shot in the match to win and 26 times I missed it and lost. I have been able to do it over and over again in my life ... and that's what I did!"
  • Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because he "had no imaginations" and lacked "original ideas."
  • Lionel Messi was suspended from the squad at the age of 11 because he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency and was significantly smaller than children his age.
  • At the age of 30, Steve Jobs fell into depression after being unceremoniously removed from the company he set up.
  • Decca Recording Studios disapproved of the Beatles because they "didn't like their sound" and "had no future in show business."
  • Dr. Seuss (the best-selling author of children's books in the world) received the refusal of 27 publishers of his first book.
  • J.K. Rowling received 12 straight outings from various releases before Bloomsbery agreed to release Harry Potter.
  • Oprah Winfrey has been suspended by a news anchor for "not being a presenter."
  • Abraham Lincoln lost his fiancee, went bankrupt, suffered a nervous breakdown and lost the election eight times before becoming one of the most successful presidents of the United States.

I guess being rejected is a good thing, though. The commercial profession trains the muscle of falling and getting great and gives the basis for achieving something more significant.  


  • Financial uncertainty is the beginning of removing the ceiling of our capabilities, both creatively and financially.

Financial uncertainty gives us more certainty than salary, teaches us to be entrepreneurs and makes effective use of the resources at our disposal.


The blood of every business is the customers. Without sales and therefore without customers, the business dies. Entrepreneurship starts with sales and ends there. Financial uncertainty and lack of salary teaches us entrepreneurship because we have no choice but to find a way to attract new customers to take our fair share and live. Here again we learn to get out of our comfort zone and develop.


The model with commissions in a concluded transaction builds rather a partnership relationship with the boss, which is the safest path to personal and career development. Nowhere will they return you if you are a good trader and you can attract customers and money to a company.


  • The emotional roller coaster of horrors, or confronting ourselves when we fail, gives us strength to overcome difficult moments and teaches us how to build confidence and mentality of winners.


TalentSmart have tested the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) of more than 1 million people and found that 90% of the most successful people in different industries have a high level of EQ. These successful and high Emotional Intelligence people have developed a vital skill that the Emotional Roller Coaster of Horrors teaches us, namely:

"The ability to realize and control negative self-talk (our thoughts and conversations with ourselves) so as not to limit, limit and prevent them from developing their potential."


TalentSmart's study shows that the link between Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and a person's annual income is so direct that each additional EQ point gives an average of $2,000. increase in annual income.



Do you have to be a good salesman to be a millionaire?


Sociologist and historian Rainer Zalman published interesting results from his research in his book "The Wealth Elite".


Zalelman interviewed 45 people whose wealth ranged from EUR 10 million to EUR 30 million, several of them with a wealth of about EUR 3 billion. EUR. Most of them were so-called "self-made" or accumulated their wealth from scratch, and some of them had a legacy to start with, which they multiplied.


Two-thirds of them said their experience as traders played an extremely important role on their way to becoming millionaires/billionaires. More than a third of them have admitted that they owe 70% and even more than their success precisely to their trading skills.


Many celebrities and CEOs say they worked as traders before they got rich. Kanye West was a salesman at GAP. Johnny Depp and Jennifer Aniston were selling over the phone. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has been selling door-to-door vacuum cleaners, saying: "I loved my job, no matter how weird it sounds... for I have met many different people."


A survey by professional social network Linkedin among thousands of CEOs (CEOs) shows that the commercial profession is among the 5 most common professions with which they started their professional development, and most often were Consultants (which in itself is a profession that requires you to be a trader).


What is delta 3's internship program and how can you apply for a seat?


What are the requirements for applicants:


  • Experience as a trader is not required
  • At least 2nd course student (since students 1st course can not devote enough time)
  • Desire for daily learning and perception of a large amount of information
  • Positive mentality and attitude
  • Enthusiasm
  • People who have a developed sense of gratitude
  • People who are not taken seriously but take seriously the things they are dealing with
  • People who don't give up when they encounter difficulties


What Delta 3 offers:


  • High-level managers who have experience in the development of traders and who work on an established methodology
  • Managers who will not require you to do things that they themselves do not ... those who lead by example
  • Investing time and money in you
  • Personal commercial coaching 1 in 1
  • Network of contacts built
  • "Know how" worldwide in the field of sales
  • "Know how" at a global level in the field of real estate investment
  • Successful Trader's Guide in 73 pp. – sales methodology from A to I specially developed for Delta 3
  • Job opportunity after completion of the traineeship
  • Opportunity for career development in the family of businesses
  • Opportunity for development in Commercial Manager according to established methodology for human development
  • Top team of young and intelligent people, positive and fun environment, office in the center of Sofia (Vasil Levski Stadium), cash bonuses during the internship


More information about the company's management team here:

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