Delta 3 Property Analytics

Delta Analytics Foundation's mission is to provide the public with a platform for sharing up-to-date data, technological advances and industry indicators in the field of real estate. We share with you our knowledge of the market, the players in it and the quality of construction. We provide our experience so that you can make informed decisions and that any real estate activity is a pleasant process, with no risks and losses of your hard-earned money.

The Delta Analytics Foundation team is carrying out its mission
through a variety of activities, including:

Tips that protect you from losses

we share our many years of practical experience and educate citizens about the legal requirements concerning real estate transactions, risks and good practices in the field.

Partnerships that lead to profitable transactions

we strive to ensure transparency in the sector, share true stories and open a dialogue between brokers and people who buy or sell property and need loyal advisers in the process.

Real Analytics for true and accurate solutions

we draw daily from the experience of the professionals in our field and receive daily information about lucrative deals and vicious practices. We sow the most important thing you need to know and share it.

We create for free for you

newsletters, manuals and manuals, all the necessary tools in understandable language for you to make no mistakes, not to lose money, to sleep peacefully and to make lucrative deals.


Our team consists of specialists with many years of experience in the field of real estate. We know that buying a home is often among the biggest and most important decisions a family makes. Property investments can be mongo lucrative, but they can also lead to losses. Therefore, our mission is to educate the people who have gone down this path by sharing with them our experience and the acquired knowledge in the field. Because we believe that choosing a property can and should be a pleasant process, not a source of stress and tension.

Delta 3 Property Analytics
Thomas Staykov
Delta 3 Property Analytics
Manoel Popov
Delta 3 Property Analytics
Thomas of Kadiyski

Delta 3 Property Analytics

Working with us

If you believe in our mission, contact us to work together on our common goals.

We monitor the trends in the real estate market and draw information about it first-hand – market players, brokers, builders and investors, hourly persons and online reliable sources for real information. On this page we share with you some of the useful resources you can use to learn more about current trends in the property market. Our goal is also to be useful for the long-term financial planning of the people who are on the current platform of the foundation.

 Information is expensive

  • But we will share it for FREE with you
  • This is information we work for every day
  • We know all the players in the market – brokers, investors and builders, private investors and sellers
  • We hold an average of over 5,700 meetings and viewings in 1 year
  •  We make an average of over 23,000 calls in 1 year

Delta 3 Property Analytics

Delta 3 Property Analytics, Della 3 Property Analytics, Delta 3 Property Analytics

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Delta 3 Property Analytics